Tuesday, October 16, 2007

For inquiring minds...

For those of you who keep asking me for pictures of Nathan, here you go. Oh, you want me to tell you about him too? Sure, I see how it is. Nathan is unlike any guy I've ever known. Yeah that sounds sappy, but who cares. First and foremost, he is a godly man and a spiritual leader. We like to sit down and read and study the Bible together.

Nathan works for Dave Roever at Eagle Summit. He does a lot of general maintenance, landscaping, and maintaining the Ranch vehicles and equipment. Before he moved to Colorado he was a mechanic and worked at a transmission shop.

In this picture you see Nathan and his dad, Brian, building the "shop" which I think is the size of a football field, maybe a little smaller. They did a great job...the "shop" is what they decorated and used for the 9/11 party.

Thankfully, he really enjoys riding and is quite good although he hadn't done much riding before he moved up here. But we are fixing the whole inexperience problem, lol (see "moonlight ride") He's just naturally good with horses. And it's great to have a riding buddy!

He also really likes to ride his bike, or really do anything outside. We went for a long 4wheeler ride one Sunday and he shared his favorite spots with me. It's amazing to find someone my age who loves and appreciates the beauty of God's creation the same way I do rather than blowing it off or not noticing it. He's so sweet...he'll hear me oohing and aahing about something I see and without me saying a word he'll pull over and smile at me and wait. The first time he did that I was like "is there something wrong with the car?" He said no, he just figured I wanted to take a picture. Aaaw. Melt a little.
He's handsome, he's a gentleman, he makes me feel safe and protected, he's honest, he's tenderhearted, he's humble, easygoing, sensitive, romantic, makes me giggle and laugh, respects me, treats people with respect, adores the women in his life, and even asked my dad for permission to date me. His hug is gentle but secure, his smile lights up his face and encourages people around him, his smell is beautiful, and his gorgeous eyes twinkle in the moonlight. I could go on for hours about the sweet things he does and the incredible man that he is, but I guess I'll let you all off the hook this time...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Moonlight Ride

Nathan came over tonight when he got off work. We had decided to go for a ride, so I had the horses ready to go by the time he got here, although he wanted to saddle up for me (how sweet is that). We went for a long ride, watching the sun go down behind the Sangres and the moon slowly peep up over the hills. It was quite romantic, and loads of fun. It's getting really cold here though, and since I know my ears were freezing I'm sure his must've been as well. Also, and totally off subject, but rejoice with me cause one of our "friends" got saved yesterday! Hoo-yah!

September 11, 2007

The grand opening of Dave Roever's Eagle's Summit Ranch. What a priviledge to be invited! The morning of fun started with a "fashion shoot" by our very own Chaplain David W. Taylor!

My darling mumsy sent me a "little black dress" just in the nick of time...

Dave insisted on a "sexy" photo...

And one of gorgeous Hopie!

Then we drove over to Eagle Summit, about 20 minutes from our house. They did a beautiful job with the main gate. I don't know if you can see, but there is an eagle statue on either side of the gate, and a moose statue by the pond.

We had a time of visiting...

...and then the official ceremony started with the honor gaurd from Peterson AFB. In these pictures they are performing the 21 gun salute, and the flag ceremony to honor the wounded warriors and the veterans who died in combat. It was extremely moving to see these men with no hands putting a stub over their hearts for the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem.

John Ashcroft was one of the speakers, along with several other officers, one of whom read a personal letter from President Bush. It was awesome to hear the leaders of our country praising God and talking about their personal relationship with Him.

John Ashcroft

Dave and Brenda Roever

Once the ceremonies were over we took a tour of the lodge...

...and then back outside. I'm standing on the edge of a cliff, which is also the edge of the Lodge's parking lot.

We ended our time at Eagle Summit with a Luncheon where all of the wounded warriors who were there at the time shared a little bit of their story.

The Lion and the Lamb

Yesterday as I was sitting in session with a client and we were praying, David told the client to ask Jesus to come walk with her. As they prayed Jesus gave me the most beautiful mental picture. I was out in the middle of a grassy green meadow, and the sun was glowing. There was an overwhelming sense of peace and contentment. As I turned I saw a tiny lamb bedded down in the grass, with a great tawny lion standing over him. The lion turned his head and his piercing eyes looked directly into mine. I heard "well done, my girl". Then the lion was beside me, and we were walking with my hand twisted in his mane. I don't know what we were talking about, but the most incredible feelings were washing over me. I never wanted to leave. I knew I was in Jesus' presence.


I was trying to explain the other day what I meant by "you cherish me". I was having difficulty expressing what I meant by the word, so I decided to study up a little and write something that we could use to show clients what the word means as well. The result is what you see below. This will be my wedding vows when God brings me the man who is worthy of them.

The Art of Cherishing

I will cherish you, my beloved; I will hold you dear, and treat you with tenderness and much affection. My vocabulary will consist of "you"; "me" will be nowhere to be found. I promise to be loyal to you no matter what the cost to me. I will always believe in you, always expect the best of you, and always stand my ground in defending you. I will choose to keep no record of wrongs, and I will always forgive you and trust you. I will always see the best in you. I will appreciate you my treasure, the protector of my heart. I will hold sacred my love for you, for love is the language of heaven and the face of God on earth.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Local Wildlife

We have some amazing trout up here...Dave got this one up in a high mountain lake

Saw this loverly rattler while riding with Dave Roevers guys

We have tons of pronghorn around here...just yesterday I saw one stuck on a barbed wire fence. It took him about five minutes of struggle to get through. He was a little...how shall we say...hefty ;) lol

We have a hummingbird feeder right outside our back door, and at any point of the day we have about eight of them drinking. Occasionally they get in the house, and we have to help them find their way out.

This is what we call a "Demon Squirrel"...see the horns?

I love the elk...we saw these on our way to go fishing in the Arkansas one day.


Yeah, Yeah, I know, I have to do better at updating this thing. Sorry. I'll work on it. So what's been going on lately? Hmmm...Well, I broke up with Jon-Michael. There were a lot of reasons, but I know it was what God wanted and it feels like there's a huge weight off my shoulders. And since I broke up with him, God has brought me a really strong christian friend that is actually my age (gasp! rare here in the valley), and I'm also trying to start a bible study since there are some interns over at Horn Creek that I know are around my age. Plus, I found a church here in Westcliffe that I really enjoy

One of the things I wanted to do today was to write a "Client Testimonial" that we can use when we call people to try to get support. It's basically the same testimony that I use when I speak in churches or to people, but in a format you can read over the phone. Mom, please don't cry. I love you, and the girl that all of this happened to isn't me anymore.

Client Testimonial

March 29, 2006

Slowly I popped the little pills out of their foil and let them plop into my well-used coffee mug. One hundred and sixty of them. One hundred and sixty little ways to end my pain. Methodically I picked up the bits of foil and threw them into my otherwise empty trash can. My room was immaculate. My three page letter entitled “My Last Will and Testament” was written, and placed exactly in the center of my desk. There was only one thing left that I wanted to do before I died.

I went down the hall to collect my friend, and together we walked upstairs to another friend’s room, where we spent an hour getting high. All I could think of was, It’s ok. Soon it will all be over and I won’t hurt anymore. My arm throbbed where I had a few weeks earlier spent an hour burning nine perfectly round cigarette holes into it after my boyfriend got through raping me. As we finished toking up and left the room, my friend called after me, “see you tomorrow sunshine!” No you won’t, I thought. Not ever again.

Back downstairs, I locked my door and called my roommate to make sure she was spending the night with her boyfriend. Then I sat at my desk and began to swallow handfuls of pills. I swallowed pills until I got dizzy, and then I watched the printed words “Last Will” grow blurry before my eyes. I will never know why I did it, but in my last moments of consciousness I picked up my cell phone and called my mother, asleep in bed 100 miles away.

“Mommy,” I said, my speech thick and heavy. “Mommy, I need help. You have to call *****.” I dropped the phone and stumbled to the lower bed: my roommate’s bunk. As I lay there, drifting in the semi-conscious place between waking and sleeping, I heard the phone ringing and the campus police leaving a message. I tried to go get the phone, but my limbs were numb, asleep, dead. Just like me, I thought. Dead. I fell asleep.

I woke up, three days later, in the ICU. Nobody knew why I was alive. I should’ve been dead. The doctors were amazed. I was sent to the psychiatric unit. Thankfully I have almost no memory of the time that passed between falling asleep that night, and several weeks later. It is a blank spot in my mind.

When I got out of the hospital my family and I went to Colorado to an amazing place called the Ranch of Hope. There my life changed. At first I refused to talk about God, or allow Hope or Dave to pray in front of me. But as they began to talk to me and care about my pain, my heart began to soften. On Good Friday, April 2006 I recommitted my life to Jesus. My counselor helped me deal with the pain of my past that caused me to want to die. They helped me see that with God, I still have a future. The fire in my heart was rekindled, and once again I have joy, peace, and hope for the future. In the months since I left the Ranch of Hope, God has worked miracles in my life. I used the tools that I was taught at the Ranch of Hope to let God to heal my heart. I am fulfilling a dream of helping people, in a ministry that I believe God is directing. I am a child of the King, and He wants better for me than I could ever imagine for myself.

For more information on how we can help you, please contact the Ranch of Hope at (719) 783 9642

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ranch of Hope

I arrived in Colorado exactly one week ago today.
It was quite a trip. It took me about two and a half days. I left my house friday afternoon, and drove to my great great aunt's house in Ohio. Saturday I was going to spend the night in Missouri, which I did, but I had a wonderful little adventure about 80 miles from my hotel. My tyre blew out! I would be more than happy for that never to happen again. I had SUCH an adrenaline rush. I unloaded all my earthly possesions from my trunk to the side of the road, changed the tyre, and coaxed my girl into town. Got a new tyre the next morning and headed to Colorado. I think I probably drove across the most awful ugly states in the USA, too! I got to "my" mountain late Sunday night. It was a fun drive. I listened to lots of radio and books on CD. I am SO glad to be back in Colorado. There is no better place to be, and no place that feels more like home. Hope and Dave got home late Monday night. We haven't done a lot this week. A little work here and there, but this was really their week to relax. Today we went to church in Pueblo west, then had a lovely scenic Sunday drive for a while. We saw a huge golden eagle, which stopped to preen on a crag on the mountain and let us watch it through the binocs. It's been a really nice week what with getting to know them a lot better, going down into the springs, sitting in on a counseling session, going riding, hiking, communing with God, swinging up on lover's roost (with God), and on and on. I am so excited to be starting a life out here. Tomorrow, for Memorial day, I am going riding with a bunch of people and then one of the Taylor's friends is having us over for lunch. We were supposed to have clients next week, but I think they've backed out so I need to look for a job. Sayonara!

Saturday, April 7, 2007


This is me before work. This is what I get to wear every day. T-shirt, jeans, boots, baseball cap, sunglasses. It rocks. It doesn't even have to match! Although I usually make that much effort at least. Anyways I know some of you have wondered what, if anything, I do these days. I work for an Equine (horse) vet, and we mostly take care of polo ponies. My day starts at 8:30 AM. I go to the office and stock up the truck with medicines of every variety, bandage material, surgical supplies, etc. I clean everything, sweep out the car, and so on and so forth. Then we head out. We go to several different farms, sometimes we have them on a schedule and sometimes they don't call with a problem but when we get there they bring out five or six horses and we're there for hours. Which can be a little irritating. We do surgeries and a lot of X-rays and ultrasounds on injured legs. One of my jobs is to set up the X-ray or the ultrasound machines. Which can get old on days when I have to do it a lot. Mostly it's okay though. It's a pretty cool job. I have learned a lot and met lots of great horses and famous people. And this whole post sounds like I'm a hick with no writing skills but I'm tired so this is what you get!

Friday, April 6, 2007


So I'm going to be moving to Colorado and here's how it happened.
Sunday April1 2007
9:23 AM: Dave and Hope Taylor from the Ranch of Hope where my family went last spring sent me an email saying to call them, they needed to talk to me.
2:30-is PM: My boss, Equine Vet Hall, takes me out to lunch to relax a while before we go see our next clients. Over coffee he breaks it to me that I'm going to be laid off because of a lack of summer business and lack of funds. Bummer. This job was supposed to be pretty permanent. Now what do I do. Oh, I know. Go to Tackeria and get a hug from my roomate. Go home. Call my parents. What do they tell me? You belong in Colorado. Call Dave and Hope and see if they need any help. I agree, but plan to put it off for a few days.
Late in the evening: I am on the phone with my christian girlfriend from NY. I open my email. I see an email that says Dave Taylor, and before I even open it I know exactly what is coming.I hang up with my friend and open the email. I call Dave and Hope before I finish reading it. They want me to come. To pray and consider God's will. I tell them I don't need to. There is no coincidence, and for me to lose my job after they had prayed for me to call them isn't coincidence. I told her I was as good as there. God's been planning this one for quite a while.
V. Excited. Sorry I know I left out a lot of detail but it happened a week ago and also it is past midnight. Anyways, I know that they still have to talk to their board of advisors about me, so we'll see what happens. But it seems to be pretty much a God-thing and I believe it's His will because everything was to slick for it not to be. PTL.


I had SUCH a super-cool day today. I went FLYING!!!!!!!!! My friend Andrew is a commercial pilot and his roomate owns a Cessna 172 that he lets Drew use if he pays for the gas. So he took me up for 2 hours. And, not only did we go flying, but I got to take off. All by myself! And I did all the flying to get over the Everglades, and then we did a whole bunch of touch-and-goes and I got to (attemp) to land for three of them. With lots of help. Drew walked me through it doing it himself the first time. Then my first time I only got the back wheels down before we had to take off, the second time...well, not successful, and the third time...I did it!! Not smoothly, and with help on the rudder and such, but still! Then he took over and practiced himself. But while we were over the Everglades we did SO much cool stuff. He taught me how to do a basic stall, which I did and he said I would have passed my test, then he taught me a stall with flaps, but I went too far off my heading to pass that one. The he did these negative G's, ( like in the space shuttle where everything floats) Yes, we only did them for a few seconds, but we definitely FLOATED along with the clipboard and the stuff in the back seat. TOO AWESOME!!! I guess it was pretty obvious how much I loved that because he did it a bunch more times. I didn't even realize you could do that in a small plane. We did a bunch of other great stuff too, and I got to do the basic flying for a lot of it. It was just SO much fun. I still want to get a pilots license. Sometimes I wish I had taken the offer from Embry-Riddle. Oh well. It was just a really great day. Oh yeah, the pic is not the plane we were in, but it's the same kind. Just so y'all have an idear what it looks like.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

My mommy always told me I was special

My mommy always tolded me that I was the specialest oldest girl in my family. I don't have any idea what that means but I think it's good. I'm just glad I don't have to ride that silly little bus to school any more...
My daddy bought me these teeth at blockbuster for 50 cents. That means he loves me thiiiiiiiiiis much! Speaking of my daddy he came to visit me for a couple days last week which ROCKED!!! We went on an airboat ride in the swamp and we almost got eated by a thing that looks like a log an an an then i almost falled off the boat an then this big birdie came and it hit my daddy on the head with its wings and then the guy that droved the boat said daddy had to swim for shore cuz he was bad luck and I sed dont worry daddy i wont let you drown ill save you so i diveded in but the problem was that that that the swamp is less than a foot deep.
Okay, only part of my story is true. I'll let you decide for yourself though. ;)

Friday, February 2, 2007

"Let it Fade"

I got a package last night from my sister, with a new Jeremy Camp CD in it. I listened to it all day in my car and there was one song I kept going back to that just sort of seems to describe my life the past year, with a little bit of inspiration for the new one. I think it's pretty self explanatory.

"Let it Fade"--Jeremy Camp

Have you been walking on a surface that's uncertain? Have you helped yourself to everything that's empty? You can't live this way too long. There's more than this, more than this. Have you been standing on your own feet too long? Have you been looking for a place where you belong? You can rest, You will find rest.

Let this old life crumble, let it fade. Let this new life offered be your saving grace. Let this old life crumble, let it fade, let it fade.

Have you been holding on to what this world has offered? Have you been giving in to all these masquerades? It will be gone. It will be gone. Are you carrying the weight too much, are you running from the call?

Let this old life crumble, let it fade. Let this new life offered be your saving grace. Let this old life crumble, let it fade, let it fade.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

The photographically artistic faces of AFTER-WORK

Okay, what I'm going to try to do is a picture collage with little explanations. But I don't know if it will happen the way I want it to. So be chill aiight ( wow I love those ghetto colloquialisms)

This would be the general "I'm so glad to NOT be at the Tackeria anymore tonight" face
Which then progresses to the "rats I have to make my own stinking dinner and I have nothing left that you cook in the microwave" face. Which, coincidentally, means that I have nothing left to eat, because if you don't cook it in a microwave, I probably don't buy it. Ah, singledom. This is, quite obviously, the "there's no way on earth I'm going grocery shopping now" face. So soon after the devastating news that I have no supper, I speak to my mother. Who informs me she has cooked the best meal ever. Lasagna. Don't worry. It's just the best thing she makes. So WHY DO YOU HAVE TO RUB IT IN THAT I DON'T GET ANY!!!!!!!!! Don't worry. I don't have any rage. Happy happy happy, this is me HAPPY! ( I know the wilkins family will get that line) Actually, I think that I look like a carbon copy of my darling little snutchy brother in this picture.Self explanatory. The poor-me-no-lasagna-face.Wow, so much drama just wears me right out. It's a good thing I can go to bed now and forget about all of it!

I'm Trying!

Trying to figure out how to upload pics...lets see if this one will work.

Hey! It worked. Kinda. Well anyway this is from when I was still working for the dressage barn in PA. I still pretty much look the same. Except I can't find those glasses. Bummer. They were my favorites, too. :( I'm going to end this post and start another because I'm still trying to figure out all this technical stuff. I am SO not into this whole technology age. Except that I don't have to write letters. That's pretty cool. And I don't have to ...well, okay, so maybe I do enjoy the benefits of technology.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Since everyone else is doing it....

...I guess I might at well join in. Since it seems that nearly every member of my family/extended family has a blog of some sort, and given my propensity to not write, email, or call people that I love, maybe this will help keep people up to date. Please note the "maybe". Maybe I should put it in italics, or bolds, or a different font so that it will really stand out. Maybe means possibly, not even probably, and definitely NO guarantees. lol.