Thursday, September 27, 2007


I was trying to explain the other day what I meant by "you cherish me". I was having difficulty expressing what I meant by the word, so I decided to study up a little and write something that we could use to show clients what the word means as well. The result is what you see below. This will be my wedding vows when God brings me the man who is worthy of them.

The Art of Cherishing

I will cherish you, my beloved; I will hold you dear, and treat you with tenderness and much affection. My vocabulary will consist of "you"; "me" will be nowhere to be found. I promise to be loyal to you no matter what the cost to me. I will always believe in you, always expect the best of you, and always stand my ground in defending you. I will choose to keep no record of wrongs, and I will always forgive you and trust you. I will always see the best in you. I will appreciate you my treasure, the protector of my heart. I will hold sacred my love for you, for love is the language of heaven and the face of God on earth.


Dusty Penguin said...

Beautifully expressed! Now I want you to think about why God told the man to cherish his wife and not the other way around. And now that you really have ahold of the concept of cherish, you can understand how a woman who is cherished does not have a problem with what God told her to do--submit and reverence her husband. God's way is always best. He knows exactly what He designed to work properly!

Gypsy said...

Yeah I know...when I am cherished all I can think about is "how can I make this person feel more special, what can I do to be a servant". It makes the whole submitting thing really easy when you know all the other person wants is the best for you.

Dusty Penguin said...

It's like, "How can I out-cherish you...", so everyone tries to out-cherish the other and it just gets better and better.