Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ranch of Hope

I arrived in Colorado exactly one week ago today.
It was quite a trip. It took me about two and a half days. I left my house friday afternoon, and drove to my great great aunt's house in Ohio. Saturday I was going to spend the night in Missouri, which I did, but I had a wonderful little adventure about 80 miles from my hotel. My tyre blew out! I would be more than happy for that never to happen again. I had SUCH an adrenaline rush. I unloaded all my earthly possesions from my trunk to the side of the road, changed the tyre, and coaxed my girl into town. Got a new tyre the next morning and headed to Colorado. I think I probably drove across the most awful ugly states in the USA, too! I got to "my" mountain late Sunday night. It was a fun drive. I listened to lots of radio and books on CD. I am SO glad to be back in Colorado. There is no better place to be, and no place that feels more like home. Hope and Dave got home late Monday night. We haven't done a lot this week. A little work here and there, but this was really their week to relax. Today we went to church in Pueblo west, then had a lovely scenic Sunday drive for a while. We saw a huge golden eagle, which stopped to preen on a crag on the mountain and let us watch it through the binocs. It's been a really nice week what with getting to know them a lot better, going down into the springs, sitting in on a counseling session, going riding, hiking, communing with God, swinging up on lover's roost (with God), and on and on. I am so excited to be starting a life out here. Tomorrow, for Memorial day, I am going riding with a bunch of people and then one of the Taylor's friends is having us over for lunch. We were supposed to have clients next week, but I think they've backed out so I need to look for a job. Sayonara!