Friday, March 21, 2008

Wedding Errands

Nathan and I accomplished a lot yesterday, when we took the afternoon off work.

First, we went and got our marriage license. The county clerk's office is in the historic courthouse in downtown Fort Worth. It was built on the site of an old Army fort.

From the time we parked the car and put money in the meter, to the time we got back in the car to leave, took us exactly 16 minutes. I didn't think the government could work that fast! And that included the time we took to walk around the museum room in the courthouse. It was quick and relatively painless other than the $41 we had to pay for it. Quick question...why $41? why not $40? Why the odd dollar? One of Uncle Sam's mysteries I suppose.

From there, we drove to Lake Worth (about 20 minutes away) to cross more stuff off our list. We stopped for a quick lunch at Jack in the Box (best curly fries in the WORLD, bar none!!)

Then, we went the the famed "Barato's Bazaar" to meet mom and Aunt Shirley to find flower girl dresses. I picked them out, got the lady to set them aside for the girls' mom's to come buy them, and got out of there in under 15 minutes! Woohoo.
From there, we went to the doctor's office. Nathan's sister, Andrea is a receptionist there so she always gets me the nice lady doctor and makes sure everybody treats me nicely. I think we watched most of Ice Age before I got called back. Then I sat in the room for twenty minutes. Have you ever wondered why they bother making appointments at doctor's offices? And even more why people show up for them on time? Anyways, Miss Dottie gave me my options, and I decided to try the shot since I'm horrible at remembering pills and especially not taking them the exact time every day. She said I'll either love it or hate it, depending on what reaction I have to the medication. She said some people have a horrible reaction to it but you have to live with it for three months, because that's how long it lasts. I have to go back in a week or so because she wants to do an ultrasound...she thinks I have ovarian cysts.

From there, we went to Azle for premarital counseling with Pastor. He's awesome. He's caring and funny. We had a one hour session, and we were both thrilled when pastor said he's never counseled a couple with so few issues (we each took a test). See, we knew from the first week that we were soul mates!! Pastor thought that was pretty cool.

Then, we met up with mom and drove out to A&M Gardens, the place where we're having our wedding/reception. Here's a couple photos.

We paid the rest of our bill and saw the reception hall all finished. When we went out the first time the hall was just a burned down last fall so we get a brand new facility. And wow, is it gorgeous!! Hot diggity!

From there, we dropped mom back off at her car, and went to Walmart to pick up my shot. I have to go get it done tonight, which is way out of my way home after work. I asked Dr. Dottie if I could give it to myself but she told me no. :(

Then, we went down to mom and dads to talk to Crystal about the cake and photographer, which we may actually have taken care of now. One of the nice things about such a huge family is that everyone knows someone who'll do it for a discount 'cause we're family.

So it was a very long day, but as always we had fun together. And shoved a load of stuff off our plate!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Overdue Update

Hey Y'all!

Sorry I haven't posted in so long. My internet is at work, so my time is limited. Here are some brief updates.

Nathan proposed to me on Christmas Day. He got down on one knee in a blizzard and two feet of snow. It was extremely romantic.

We had been discussing and praying about moving to TX for quite some time by that point, so a few days later, we packed up and moved. It was very difficult for me to say goodbye to Hope and Dave, the Ranch of Hope, and my beloved little town and mountains. Here's a picture of Nathan, with our stuff piled high behind him. It was a great trip...he's my favorite person to road-trip with.

In January we celebrated Nathan's 22nd birthday. Ha! I'm not the old lady anymore. We went with family and friends to sing Karaoke at a restaurant called "The Point". Since he made me wear a sombrero for my birthday, I made him sit up on stage and let the Karaoke man embarrass him! *evil laugh*

We had a pretty difficult time once we got down here...the job he was getting took a long time to get (hiring freeze) and I had a little trouble finding a job too. But, we did have a roof over our head. Money was scarce, and we both had to tighten our belts a little bit, but we have both ended up with good jobs and we found the cutest little house to rent! I love it. It's a home, and it's nice after two months to be able to unpack my stuff. And, in 30 days, it'll be OUR house! Teehee! Because,yes, ladies and gentlemen, today it is exactly 30 days and 6 hours until I become Mrs Nathan Vines! woohoo!

Well, I moved to TX hoping for warmth and sun, and this is what I get. A 5-inch snowstorm in the middle of March! Argh!

That's about all. Gotta go plan my wedding now. Love y'all!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

For inquiring minds...

For those of you who keep asking me for pictures of Nathan, here you go. Oh, you want me to tell you about him too? Sure, I see how it is. Nathan is unlike any guy I've ever known. Yeah that sounds sappy, but who cares. First and foremost, he is a godly man and a spiritual leader. We like to sit down and read and study the Bible together.

Nathan works for Dave Roever at Eagle Summit. He does a lot of general maintenance, landscaping, and maintaining the Ranch vehicles and equipment. Before he moved to Colorado he was a mechanic and worked at a transmission shop.

In this picture you see Nathan and his dad, Brian, building the "shop" which I think is the size of a football field, maybe a little smaller. They did a great job...the "shop" is what they decorated and used for the 9/11 party.

Thankfully, he really enjoys riding and is quite good although he hadn't done much riding before he moved up here. But we are fixing the whole inexperience problem, lol (see "moonlight ride") He's just naturally good with horses. And it's great to have a riding buddy!

He also really likes to ride his bike, or really do anything outside. We went for a long 4wheeler ride one Sunday and he shared his favorite spots with me. It's amazing to find someone my age who loves and appreciates the beauty of God's creation the same way I do rather than blowing it off or not noticing it. He's so sweet...he'll hear me oohing and aahing about something I see and without me saying a word he'll pull over and smile at me and wait. The first time he did that I was like "is there something wrong with the car?" He said no, he just figured I wanted to take a picture. Aaaw. Melt a little.
He's handsome, he's a gentleman, he makes me feel safe and protected, he's honest, he's tenderhearted, he's humble, easygoing, sensitive, romantic, makes me giggle and laugh, respects me, treats people with respect, adores the women in his life, and even asked my dad for permission to date me. His hug is gentle but secure, his smile lights up his face and encourages people around him, his smell is beautiful, and his gorgeous eyes twinkle in the moonlight. I could go on for hours about the sweet things he does and the incredible man that he is, but I guess I'll let you all off the hook this time...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Moonlight Ride

Nathan came over tonight when he got off work. We had decided to go for a ride, so I had the horses ready to go by the time he got here, although he wanted to saddle up for me (how sweet is that). We went for a long ride, watching the sun go down behind the Sangres and the moon slowly peep up over the hills. It was quite romantic, and loads of fun. It's getting really cold here though, and since I know my ears were freezing I'm sure his must've been as well. Also, and totally off subject, but rejoice with me cause one of our "friends" got saved yesterday! Hoo-yah!

September 11, 2007

The grand opening of Dave Roever's Eagle's Summit Ranch. What a priviledge to be invited! The morning of fun started with a "fashion shoot" by our very own Chaplain David W. Taylor!

My darling mumsy sent me a "little black dress" just in the nick of time...

Dave insisted on a "sexy" photo...

And one of gorgeous Hopie!

Then we drove over to Eagle Summit, about 20 minutes from our house. They did a beautiful job with the main gate. I don't know if you can see, but there is an eagle statue on either side of the gate, and a moose statue by the pond.

We had a time of visiting...

...and then the official ceremony started with the honor gaurd from Peterson AFB. In these pictures they are performing the 21 gun salute, and the flag ceremony to honor the wounded warriors and the veterans who died in combat. It was extremely moving to see these men with no hands putting a stub over their hearts for the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem.

John Ashcroft was one of the speakers, along with several other officers, one of whom read a personal letter from President Bush. It was awesome to hear the leaders of our country praising God and talking about their personal relationship with Him.

John Ashcroft

Dave and Brenda Roever

Once the ceremonies were over we took a tour of the lodge...

...and then back outside. I'm standing on the edge of a cliff, which is also the edge of the Lodge's parking lot.

We ended our time at Eagle Summit with a Luncheon where all of the wounded warriors who were there at the time shared a little bit of their story.

The Lion and the Lamb

Yesterday as I was sitting in session with a client and we were praying, David told the client to ask Jesus to come walk with her. As they prayed Jesus gave me the most beautiful mental picture. I was out in the middle of a grassy green meadow, and the sun was glowing. There was an overwhelming sense of peace and contentment. As I turned I saw a tiny lamb bedded down in the grass, with a great tawny lion standing over him. The lion turned his head and his piercing eyes looked directly into mine. I heard "well done, my girl". Then the lion was beside me, and we were walking with my hand twisted in his mane. I don't know what we were talking about, but the most incredible feelings were washing over me. I never wanted to leave. I knew I was in Jesus' presence.


I was trying to explain the other day what I meant by "you cherish me". I was having difficulty expressing what I meant by the word, so I decided to study up a little and write something that we could use to show clients what the word means as well. The result is what you see below. This will be my wedding vows when God brings me the man who is worthy of them.

The Art of Cherishing

I will cherish you, my beloved; I will hold you dear, and treat you with tenderness and much affection. My vocabulary will consist of "you"; "me" will be nowhere to be found. I promise to be loyal to you no matter what the cost to me. I will always believe in you, always expect the best of you, and always stand my ground in defending you. I will choose to keep no record of wrongs, and I will always forgive you and trust you. I will always see the best in you. I will appreciate you my treasure, the protector of my heart. I will hold sacred my love for you, for love is the language of heaven and the face of God on earth.