Saturday, April 7, 2007


This is me before work. This is what I get to wear every day. T-shirt, jeans, boots, baseball cap, sunglasses. It rocks. It doesn't even have to match! Although I usually make that much effort at least. Anyways I know some of you have wondered what, if anything, I do these days. I work for an Equine (horse) vet, and we mostly take care of polo ponies. My day starts at 8:30 AM. I go to the office and stock up the truck with medicines of every variety, bandage material, surgical supplies, etc. I clean everything, sweep out the car, and so on and so forth. Then we head out. We go to several different farms, sometimes we have them on a schedule and sometimes they don't call with a problem but when we get there they bring out five or six horses and we're there for hours. Which can be a little irritating. We do surgeries and a lot of X-rays and ultrasounds on injured legs. One of my jobs is to set up the X-ray or the ultrasound machines. Which can get old on days when I have to do it a lot. Mostly it's okay though. It's a pretty cool job. I have learned a lot and met lots of great horses and famous people. And this whole post sounds like I'm a hick with no writing skills but I'm tired so this is what you get!

Friday, April 6, 2007


So I'm going to be moving to Colorado and here's how it happened.
Sunday April1 2007
9:23 AM: Dave and Hope Taylor from the Ranch of Hope where my family went last spring sent me an email saying to call them, they needed to talk to me.
2:30-is PM: My boss, Equine Vet Hall, takes me out to lunch to relax a while before we go see our next clients. Over coffee he breaks it to me that I'm going to be laid off because of a lack of summer business and lack of funds. Bummer. This job was supposed to be pretty permanent. Now what do I do. Oh, I know. Go to Tackeria and get a hug from my roomate. Go home. Call my parents. What do they tell me? You belong in Colorado. Call Dave and Hope and see if they need any help. I agree, but plan to put it off for a few days.
Late in the evening: I am on the phone with my christian girlfriend from NY. I open my email. I see an email that says Dave Taylor, and before I even open it I know exactly what is coming.I hang up with my friend and open the email. I call Dave and Hope before I finish reading it. They want me to come. To pray and consider God's will. I tell them I don't need to. There is no coincidence, and for me to lose my job after they had prayed for me to call them isn't coincidence. I told her I was as good as there. God's been planning this one for quite a while.
V. Excited. Sorry I know I left out a lot of detail but it happened a week ago and also it is past midnight. Anyways, I know that they still have to talk to their board of advisors about me, so we'll see what happens. But it seems to be pretty much a God-thing and I believe it's His will because everything was to slick for it not to be. PTL.


I had SUCH a super-cool day today. I went FLYING!!!!!!!!! My friend Andrew is a commercial pilot and his roomate owns a Cessna 172 that he lets Drew use if he pays for the gas. So he took me up for 2 hours. And, not only did we go flying, but I got to take off. All by myself! And I did all the flying to get over the Everglades, and then we did a whole bunch of touch-and-goes and I got to (attemp) to land for three of them. With lots of help. Drew walked me through it doing it himself the first time. Then my first time I only got the back wheels down before we had to take off, the second time...well, not successful, and the third time...I did it!! Not smoothly, and with help on the rudder and such, but still! Then he took over and practiced himself. But while we were over the Everglades we did SO much cool stuff. He taught me how to do a basic stall, which I did and he said I would have passed my test, then he taught me a stall with flaps, but I went too far off my heading to pass that one. The he did these negative G's, ( like in the space shuttle where everything floats) Yes, we only did them for a few seconds, but we definitely FLOATED along with the clipboard and the stuff in the back seat. TOO AWESOME!!! I guess it was pretty obvious how much I loved that because he did it a bunch more times. I didn't even realize you could do that in a small plane. We did a bunch of other great stuff too, and I got to do the basic flying for a lot of it. It was just SO much fun. I still want to get a pilots license. Sometimes I wish I had taken the offer from Embry-Riddle. Oh well. It was just a really great day. Oh yeah, the pic is not the plane we were in, but it's the same kind. Just so y'all have an idear what it looks like.