Thursday, March 29, 2007

My mommy always told me I was special

My mommy always tolded me that I was the specialest oldest girl in my family. I don't have any idea what that means but I think it's good. I'm just glad I don't have to ride that silly little bus to school any more...
My daddy bought me these teeth at blockbuster for 50 cents. That means he loves me thiiiiiiiiiis much! Speaking of my daddy he came to visit me for a couple days last week which ROCKED!!! We went on an airboat ride in the swamp and we almost got eated by a thing that looks like a log an an an then i almost falled off the boat an then this big birdie came and it hit my daddy on the head with its wings and then the guy that droved the boat said daddy had to swim for shore cuz he was bad luck and I sed dont worry daddy i wont let you drown ill save you so i diveded in but the problem was that that that the swamp is less than a foot deep.
Okay, only part of my story is true. I'll let you decide for yourself though. ;)