Thursday, September 27, 2007

Moonlight Ride

Nathan came over tonight when he got off work. We had decided to go for a ride, so I had the horses ready to go by the time he got here, although he wanted to saddle up for me (how sweet is that). We went for a long ride, watching the sun go down behind the Sangres and the moon slowly peep up over the hills. It was quite romantic, and loads of fun. It's getting really cold here though, and since I know my ears were freezing I'm sure his must've been as well. Also, and totally off subject, but rejoice with me cause one of our "friends" got saved yesterday! Hoo-yah!


Dusty Penguin said...

How fun! That ranks right up there with a picnic ride, except for the cold ears!

Dusty Penguin said...

Time for a new blog!!