Tuesday, October 16, 2007

For inquiring minds...

For those of you who keep asking me for pictures of Nathan, here you go. Oh, you want me to tell you about him too? Sure, I see how it is. Nathan is unlike any guy I've ever known. Yeah that sounds sappy, but who cares. First and foremost, he is a godly man and a spiritual leader. We like to sit down and read and study the Bible together.

Nathan works for Dave Roever at Eagle Summit. He does a lot of general maintenance, landscaping, and maintaining the Ranch vehicles and equipment. Before he moved to Colorado he was a mechanic and worked at a transmission shop.

In this picture you see Nathan and his dad, Brian, building the "shop" which I think is the size of a football field, maybe a little smaller. They did a great job...the "shop" is what they decorated and used for the 9/11 party.

Thankfully, he really enjoys riding and is quite good although he hadn't done much riding before he moved up here. But we are fixing the whole inexperience problem, lol (see "moonlight ride") He's just naturally good with horses. And it's great to have a riding buddy!

He also really likes to ride his bike, or really do anything outside. We went for a long 4wheeler ride one Sunday and he shared his favorite spots with me. It's amazing to find someone my age who loves and appreciates the beauty of God's creation the same way I do rather than blowing it off or not noticing it. He's so sweet...he'll hear me oohing and aahing about something I see and without me saying a word he'll pull over and smile at me and wait. The first time he did that I was like "is there something wrong with the car?" He said no, he just figured I wanted to take a picture. Aaaw. Melt a little.
He's handsome, he's a gentleman, he makes me feel safe and protected, he's honest, he's tenderhearted, he's humble, easygoing, sensitive, romantic, makes me giggle and laugh, respects me, treats people with respect, adores the women in his life, and even asked my dad for permission to date me. His hug is gentle but secure, his smile lights up his face and encourages people around him, his smell is beautiful, and his gorgeous eyes twinkle in the moonlight. I could go on for hours about the sweet things he does and the incredible man that he is, but I guess I'll let you all off the hook this time...


Dusty Penguin said...

Finally! Can't wait to meet him!

Hannatu said...

I think you are REALLY in love! :)