Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Overdue Update

Hey Y'all!

Sorry I haven't posted in so long. My internet is at work, so my time is limited. Here are some brief updates.

Nathan proposed to me on Christmas Day. He got down on one knee in a blizzard and two feet of snow. It was extremely romantic.

We had been discussing and praying about moving to TX for quite some time by that point, so a few days later, we packed up and moved. It was very difficult for me to say goodbye to Hope and Dave, the Ranch of Hope, and my beloved little town and mountains. Here's a picture of Nathan, with our stuff piled high behind him. It was a great trip...he's my favorite person to road-trip with.

In January we celebrated Nathan's 22nd birthday. Ha! I'm not the old lady anymore. We went with family and friends to sing Karaoke at a restaurant called "The Point". Since he made me wear a sombrero for my birthday, I made him sit up on stage and let the Karaoke man embarrass him! *evil laugh*

We had a pretty difficult time once we got down here...the job he was getting took a long time to get (hiring freeze) and I had a little trouble finding a job too. But, we did have a roof over our head. Money was scarce, and we both had to tighten our belts a little bit, but we have both ended up with good jobs and we found the cutest little house to rent! I love it. It's a home, and it's nice after two months to be able to unpack my stuff. And, in 30 days, it'll be OUR house! Teehee! Because,yes, ladies and gentlemen, today it is exactly 30 days and 6 hours until I become Mrs Nathan Vines! woohoo!

Well, I moved to TX hoping for warmth and sun, and this is what I get. A 5-inch snowstorm in the middle of March! Argh!

That's about all. Gotta go plan my wedding now. Love y'all!

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