Friday, March 21, 2008

Wedding Errands

Nathan and I accomplished a lot yesterday, when we took the afternoon off work.

First, we went and got our marriage license. The county clerk's office is in the historic courthouse in downtown Fort Worth. It was built on the site of an old Army fort.

From the time we parked the car and put money in the meter, to the time we got back in the car to leave, took us exactly 16 minutes. I didn't think the government could work that fast! And that included the time we took to walk around the museum room in the courthouse. It was quick and relatively painless other than the $41 we had to pay for it. Quick question...why $41? why not $40? Why the odd dollar? One of Uncle Sam's mysteries I suppose.

From there, we drove to Lake Worth (about 20 minutes away) to cross more stuff off our list. We stopped for a quick lunch at Jack in the Box (best curly fries in the WORLD, bar none!!)

Then, we went the the famed "Barato's Bazaar" to meet mom and Aunt Shirley to find flower girl dresses. I picked them out, got the lady to set them aside for the girls' mom's to come buy them, and got out of there in under 15 minutes! Woohoo.
From there, we went to the doctor's office. Nathan's sister, Andrea is a receptionist there so she always gets me the nice lady doctor and makes sure everybody treats me nicely. I think we watched most of Ice Age before I got called back. Then I sat in the room for twenty minutes. Have you ever wondered why they bother making appointments at doctor's offices? And even more why people show up for them on time? Anyways, Miss Dottie gave me my options, and I decided to try the shot since I'm horrible at remembering pills and especially not taking them the exact time every day. She said I'll either love it or hate it, depending on what reaction I have to the medication. She said some people have a horrible reaction to it but you have to live with it for three months, because that's how long it lasts. I have to go back in a week or so because she wants to do an ultrasound...she thinks I have ovarian cysts.

From there, we went to Azle for premarital counseling with Pastor. He's awesome. He's caring and funny. We had a one hour session, and we were both thrilled when pastor said he's never counseled a couple with so few issues (we each took a test). See, we knew from the first week that we were soul mates!! Pastor thought that was pretty cool.

Then, we met up with mom and drove out to A&M Gardens, the place where we're having our wedding/reception. Here's a couple photos.

We paid the rest of our bill and saw the reception hall all finished. When we went out the first time the hall was just a burned down last fall so we get a brand new facility. And wow, is it gorgeous!! Hot diggity!

From there, we dropped mom back off at her car, and went to Walmart to pick up my shot. I have to go get it done tonight, which is way out of my way home after work. I asked Dr. Dottie if I could give it to myself but she told me no. :(

Then, we went down to mom and dads to talk to Crystal about the cake and photographer, which we may actually have taken care of now. One of the nice things about such a huge family is that everyone knows someone who'll do it for a discount 'cause we're family.

So it was a very long day, but as always we had fun together. And shoved a load of stuff off our plate!


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Hey, you! I got majorly excited when I discovered you have a new blog up!!! :) I loved both of getting a personal letter. What's that verse about good news from a far country is like cool water to a thirsty soul.

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